November 12, 2016  •  8AM – 12:30PM  •  Chatham University

Free and open to the public with registration. This will be a participatory symposium and all attendees will be an important part of the conversation, contributing from their disciplinary and professional perspectives.
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… Janese Talton-Jackson, Pittsburgh … Pulse Club, Orlando, FL … Kennir Parr, 14, Pittsburgh … Philando Castile, St. Paul, MN … Alton Sterling, Baron Rouge, LA … Dallas Police, TX … Tierne Ewing, Washington Co. PA … Syria … Standing Rock … Stanford Rapist … Dalon Williams, 17, Pittsburgh …

Scholars: How are you as a scholar contending with violence this year? What does your discipline say (or your own research reveal) about gender and violence? How does your field theorize violence, constructions of gender, or systems of power and oppression, that might help us think together about these issues? Where do you see – or would like to see more –connections between your work and the community?

Community Leaders: How are you as a community leader contending with violence this year? How does your organization frame issues of gender and violence in the work you do every day? In what ways does your work intersect with social movements such as #SayHerName and #BlackLivesMatter? Where are the opportunities to connect scholars, theory, and research with community-based practice and social change?

Please join the Pittsburgh Gender Scholars Consortium for a symposium, featuring:

  • Short presentations by scholars across the Pittsburgh region.
  • A “flipped” conference format, with extended time for conversation and dialogue.
  • Discussion moderated by Pittsburgh community leaders.
  • A chance to dig into the big issues of gender and violence with a focus on outcomes.
  • Plenty of food, coffee, cake, and a toast for all the hard work you do.

Presenters and moderators include:

  • Nichole K. Bayliss, PhD, Assistant Professor of Criminology, Psychology, and Social Work. (Speaker) “Toxic Fragility: An Intersectional Approach to Examining Frustration, Fear, and Violence”
  • Lachelle Binion, MBA, Development & Program Coordinator, The Women’s Law Project (Moderator)
  • Sonya Borrero, M.D., M.S., Associate Professor of Medicine and Clinical and Translational Science; Director, Center for Women’s Health Research and Innovation (CWHRI); University of Pittsburgh (Moderator)
  • Britney G Brinkman, Ph.D., Chatham University. (Speaker) “Girls’ activism in response to violence”
  • Lisa D. Brush, Professor, Sociology Department and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Program, University of Pittsburgh. (Speaker) “Trouble in Paradigm: A critical appreciation of public health approaches to primary prevention of gendered violence”
  • Kathi R. Elliott, DNP, MSW, CRNP, Executive Director, Gwen’s Girls (Moderator)
  • Julie C. Evans, MSW, Director of Crisis & Prevention Services, Pittsburgh Action Against Rape
  • José Garth, Peer Education Coordinator, Planned Parenthood of Western PA (Moderator)
  • Vanessa German, Citizen Artist (Speaker)
  • Blayre Holmes, Program Manager at the Women and Girls Foundation (Moderator)
  • Katie Horowitz, MPH, Vice President for Education, Planned Parenthood of Western PA (Moderator)
  • anupama jain, PhD, Principal Consultant, Inclusant (Moderator)
  • Chaz R. Kellem, Senior Director, Advocacy for Race & Gender Equity, YWCA Greater Pittsburgh (Moderator)
  • Maureen C. McHugh,  Distinguished University Professor,  Psychology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. (Speaker) “Campus Climate”
  • Elizabeth Miller, MD, PhD, FSAHM, Chief, Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC; Professor of Pediatrics, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. (Speaker) “Sexual violence and relationship abuse prevention in clinical and community based settings”
  • Nicole Molinaro Karaczun, Chief Program Officer, Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh (Moderator)
  • Peggy Morrison Outon, Executive Director, Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management, Robert Morris University (Moderator)
  • Sabrina Saunders Mosby, Executive Director, Strong Women, Strong Girls Inc.  (Moderator)
  • Anna Floerke Scheid, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Theology, Duquesne University. (Speaker) “God, Gender, and Violence”
  • William Scott, Associate Professor, Department of English and Faculty Fellow, Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies Program, University of Pittsburgh; (Speaker) “Masculinity and Violence in Contemporary US Culture”
  • Jennifer L. Sweatman, Assistant Professor of History, Washington and Jefferson College, (Speaker) “(Post)Colonial Violence: Complicated Histories in French-Algerian Narratives”

The morning will also feature YOU! Most of the “work” of this symposium will occur in table conversations featuring the attendees. This will not be your ordinary conference experience: we need YOUR expertise, perspective, and participation. This is your chance to engage deeply with others in our community, make new connections and colleagues, and think about outcomes together. (And you will be out by lunchtime with cake and champagne.) Register Now!