Opening October 6, 2016 • University of Pittsburgh

This fall the University of Pittsburgh Theatre Department invites you to share in the Year of Diversity by joining us for a live performance of Intimate Apparel by Lynn Nottage, which seeks to explore the cross section between relationships, religion, and Afro-Caribbean and Jewish culture as well as 20th century entrepreneurship opportunities for women of color.

Through the use of period and movement this performance will captivate each viewer as we watch the experiences of Esther Mills, a 35 year old, black seamstress living in a boarding house in Lower Manhattan, NY. Who has earned her living sewing intimate apparel. Proud of her independence and skill her discretion allows her to move between race and class divisions to become the confidant to both business men, wealthy female patrons, and performers. Join us as we find out if Esther can refashion her dreams by coming to terms with how life depends on her own personal strength and confidence.

We would love it if you took advantage of this opportunity to bring your students to the theatre, and have us visit with you. Intimate Apparel highlights the common struggles between social and cultural attitudes, and economic differences of the 20th century, which can still be seen today. When you bring a group of ten or more you will receive discounted tickets and we will host a talkback after the performance on a pre-determined topic that will benefit your class.

To learn about upcoming shows visit If you have questions or need additional information you can contact our Marketing Coordinator at 412-624-0933.